­čçĘ­čç┐┬áPro ─Źeskou verzi podm├şnek pokra─Źujte sem: Z├ísady ochrany soukrom├ş (Privacy Policy)

Privacy is our top priority. We design the application to be as friendly to your privacy as possible. The first step was to introduce strong encryption to ensure the security of your data.

The mobile application processes a minimal amount of your personal data. Your treatment data is separated from your real identity. We designed the application so that, apart from your clinic, no one knows your real identity, and we are proud of that! That's why the app connects using a random pairing code. And that's also why we don't require your phone number or email. Support for the application is provided only by the clinic - we don't know who you are, and therefore we can only provide general advice.


Only your clinic knows your identity. No one else will find out. Ever. We have ensured that your data is protected both technically and legally.

<aside> ­čĹë Summary: Only your clinic knows your real identity. No one else (including us at IVY assistant s.r.o.) will ever find out your true identity. Please direct all questions regarding personal data processing to the clinic as the personal data controller.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does data encryption work?

Data encryption works similar to a lock. Data cannot be opened without a key. In our case, we've ensured that only the clinic has the key to the data. Only the clinic can access your identity.

How is it possible that only the clinic knows the real identity?

All personal data of patients (name, surname, birth number, possibly others) are encrypted with a key that only the clinic has. No one else, including us at IVY assistant s.r.o., has access to your personal data.

For the application to work, we mark you with a random number (e.g., 639c4a53-2f82-49c8-a824-9b86a8fcd471). From a legal point of view, we are "processing pseudonymous personal data". However, we will never find out your real identity.

Can I verify that it really is like this?

You can. If you understand code, you can see how the data encryption process works. Write to us at [email protected] if you are interested in viewing and checking how we encrypt patient data.

Because we care about the security of your data, this crucial part of the code was designed and checked by several people. You can write to them and ask for details.